Saturday, April 1, 2017

When God Works

When God spoke, the world came to be.
His voice calmed a wild and stormy sea.
When God formed with His word the sky and land,
With His hand He made a man.

When God said, the rivers parted ways.
He willed, and He changed the length of days.
When God pleased, He lit an altar's fire.
Holy men He did inspire.

When God planned, gates of hell could not prevail;
His Son came, enduring shame and nail.
When God's pow'r rose Jesus from the grave,
He proved mankind He'd save.

When God moves, convicting hearts of sin,
If asked, He will cleanse it deep within.
When God hears, He will answer in His love,
Bringing glory to the Lord.

When God works, He makes darkness into light.
Gives the blind man sight.
When God works, He takes a soul from hell
And gives eternal life!

© Barbara Hinson, April 2017

please do not copy without crediting the author!

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