Friday, July 14, 2017

Moments of Intention

Sometimes it seems I am simply going through the motions: I read my Bible, but can't concentrate with the many interruptions. Does it really make a difference? I think so. (Matthew 6:23) It is the heart that chooses to read God's Word, despite distractions, that God desires. The moments of prayer throughout the day- they seem to lack intimacy; yet at the same time, they reveal an awareness of the Presence of God in my life.

As a mom of two toddlers, I am busy full time. Some days its seems my time is ruled by the immediate necessities that crop up having babies: picking up toys, cleaning messes, dealing with attitudes, playing cop/umpire, and so forth. Yet, even those days I have moments.

Being a mom makes serving God manifest in different ways. I must still be first and foremost, a daughter of the King. The children may seem to need my constant attention in this physical world, and yet, there are moments at my disposal throughout the day.

A moment when I can choose to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs and quote verses while swinging the boys.

A moment to read God's Word instead of reaching for my phone when my children lay down to nap or in that rare occasion they play quietly together on the floor.

A moment to pray while rocking Zachary or when sneaking in that trip to the bathroom.

A moment to teach when I read Jude his story Bible, explaining the pictures, and talking about choosing God's way.

A moment to greet my husband when he comes in the door; to teach my children to greet daddy enthusiastically at the door as well.

A moment to choose to show love and grace to my son when he spills crackers all over the floor.

My life is defined by moments, because those moments reveal my heart.  When I only seem have moments at my own disposal, what do I do with those moments? I must be intentional: ever, only, all for my King.

"Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." Proverbs 16:3


Patti said...

Thanks, Barb, for this post. I needed to be encouraged that even if my devotional time or prayers aren't deep & intimate, they still have value. And that I need to be intentional in my use of my minutes.

Katie Whiteman said...

We heard about your blog at church last night. I am looking forward to reading it. Has a mom of 5 and now two more foster children I can relate. God bless

Barbara said...

Thank you Patti and Katie. I need a reminder of this constantly. God is good!