Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sometimes, Losing is Victory

The last mile of the marathon is always the hardest. You're worn out. Your body is stressed. You're hungry. You're yearning to reach the finish line, and feel like you should be there already. Your mind and every part of you is screaming that you are just... done. Yet, you press on to the finish, determined to win.

We are definitely feeling this effect as we finish up deputation. This last conference has been hard for us. It is unique, in that it is bilingual, meaning everything is translated to or from Spanish and English. Yet, that also means the meetings are twice as long. It's a full morning and evening schedule. 8am-1:00pm, 5:30-10pm. We're tired, not sleeping well, and stressed. One of the babies was sick all night (thankfully, just something that didn't agree, and not the flu!), I have a cold.

Yet, God is in the midst.

During this conference, we had a precious growing time in our marriage. An issue came up that generally means an explosive fight for most marriages. There wasn't really a right or wrong- but very definite and hard-felt opinions. Even before we talked, I knew Michael's stand. Honestly, I knew he wouldn't change his mind, and I didn't want him to, as that would change who he is and what he stands for. No; I knew I was "fighting" a loosing battle, yet I knew that was right. Biblically, Michael is my spiritual leader, and I chose on our wedding day to bow to his decisions for our family.

We DID discuss the issue, but because both of our hearts were in the right place (our relationship is more important than anything else), no argument ensued. Peace reigned. In fact, what commenced was a sweet time of fellowship, pouring our hearts out together. Renewing our commitment, recharging our relationship, and reviving our love strengthened our marriage; rather than an argument driving us apart.

Truly God's way is the right way!
Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace. Indeed, "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me..." (Psalm 138:8) Amen!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

When God Works

When God spoke, the world came to be.
His voice calmed a wild and stormy sea.
When God formed with His word the sky and land,
With His hand He made a man.

When God said, the rivers parted ways.
He willed, and He changed the length of days.
When God pleased, He lit an altar's fire.
Holy men He did inspire.

When God planned, gates of hell could not prevail;
His Son came, enduring shame and nail.
When God's pow'r rose Jesus from the grave,
He proved mankind He'd save.

When God moves, convicting hearts of sin,
If asked, He will cleanse it deep within.
When God hears, He will answer in His love,
Bringing glory to the Lord.

When God works, He makes darkness into light.
Gives the blind man sight.
When God works, He takes a soul from hell
And gives eternal life!

© Barbara Hinson, April 2017

please do not copy without crediting the author!