Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Brethren, Pray for Us

More than anything in the world, it is the prayers of God's people that we covet. Yes, we are on deputation- support raising- for the purpose of gaining the finances that we need to fulfill God's call on our life for Georgia, Europe. However, it is not just monetary support that we need. We need you to lift us up before the throne of grace to receive the power and grace we MUST HAVE to do our job.

How can you pray, for us and for other missionaries on the deputation trail?

Here are some ideas:

Pray for safety and protection on the roads. Probably three quarters of our time right now is spent on the road. We have had several near crashes and "off-road" ditch experiences. Each time, it is the prayers of God's people and the preserving work of the Father that have kept us. Pray that our vehicle performs well and doesn't need major work. Pray for our tires to not blow or become flat. Pray for the drivers around us to drive safely. Pray that my husband, who does the driving, stays awake and aware and drives well. Pray for the children to be content and happy on the long road trips.

Pray for encouragement. We have been on deputation for almost 2 1/2 years- Michael a year longer without me. It's getting long, and it's hard, and we are tired. Pray that we stay "set afire" for the field, and that our burden is apparent to the churches we visit. Pray that we don't get too busy looking forward that we miss opportunities to witness to those we meet now. Pray that we keep on the straight and narrow path and don't become weary in well doing.

Pray for our health; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Our work is tiring; long hours, constantly being on display, and always on the go. Those are all huge stressers. Pray that we all stay healthy. Pray for the boys to have strong immune systems, and that when we do get sick, we recover quickly. Pray that Michael and I stay in the Word and have vibrant relationships with Jesus. Pray that the boys will not grow to despise being in church constantly and being watched like a fishbowl. Pray that they will love the Lord wholeheartedly and desire to serve Him from that love. Pray for Michael and I to have a strong relationship with each other; that we would communicate well and remember to fill each others' love tanks. Pray that we would also spend time playing with the boys; that we would keep their hearts and not lose them in the throng of ministry. Pray for our mental well being and sanity as we live a crazy life right now.

Pray for protection from the evil one. We are on the front lines of the battle. Satan is after us, and after our children. He doesn't play fair. Pray for a hedge of protection around our family. Pray for our boys to be protected from the wrong kind of people who would take advantage of them. We are constantly around strangers, and church people or not, people are people; we can't be everywhere and see everything -Pray hard for our children. Pray for us to escape various temptations. Pray that we don't compromise on the "little" or the "important" things. Pray that we stay on guard for the wiles of the devil and actively fight against him. Pray the Lord would give us the victory, each moment of every day.

Pray that we get our financial support. Pray that churches get a burden to fulfill Christ's command to the country of Georgia by partnering with us. Pray for churches to be strong and healthy so that they CAN support missionaries. Pray for Believers to know Christ and to have the desire to make Him known to others. Pray for pastors to have a heart for missions and for their flock to be actively involved. Pray that the churches we visit will remember us when they make their financial choices for the year.

Pray that we can get to the field SOON. There are a lot of preparations required before we can leave the country and/or start a ministry in Georgia, Europe. Pray for paperwork to go through governments quickly. (e.g. birth certificate, passports, visas...) I've never been to Georgia; Pray for me to know what to pack as I prepare to move our household. Pray for wisdom as we make decisions for shipping, housing, tutors, and other things. Pray that our children will make the transition well. Pray for God to prepare hearts of people for the gospel and to prepare people in our field whom we will trust and count as friends, both for us and for our children. Pray for good communication and cooperation between us and the ministries/missionaries we will work with initially.