Thursday, September 22, 2016

Announcing baby Zachary!

He's here! Our second bundle of joy. After several days of annoying braxton-hicks type contractions, Zachary gave us only 3 hours and 15 minutes warning before entering the world.  We didn't leave for the hospital for an hour and a half, and by the time they had their act together and the doctor arrived, it was time! Zachary still sleeps a lot, and we are trying to convince him that meals should come more than every 5 hours. He does NOT like to be moved, shifted, or have a light shining.

His older brother adores him and tries to be helpful. (well, as helpful as a toddler can be) Jude gives me Zachary's socks to put on his feet, and then promptly pulls them off again. If Zachary cries, Jude investigates and "tells" me that the baby is crying. So sweet! He's been a great sport about sharing mom and seems just as fascinated with the newborn as everyone else.

We are looking forward to getting to know our second little one. The life of opportunities ahead of him... the choices... the sad things... the glad times... We pray that he will come to know Christ for himself and love the Lord with all his heart, serving the Father with joy. We pray that he will be a man of character and integrity, and a mannerly gentleman. We pray that he and his brother will be good friends, loyal to their family, country, and God.

Zachary, you are a gift. Yet we know that you are only on loan, an investment from the Father; we are merely schoolmasters to lead you into manhood. May we be good stewards of the master's possession. We love you!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Animal Crackers, Dart Guns, and Motherhood

Toys litter the floor, laundry baskets overflow, crumbs constantly spread across the hardwood, shoes in various stages of migrating across the living room, dirty dishes fill the sink at least twice a day, dishes, did I mention dishes?

You know, I read Proverbs 31 and think, "Wow. This woman must have been a super-woman!" However, the more I read it, the less I think she was all that at once. She was human, after all. I'm sure it took years and years before she was all of that. Still, Lemuel's mother tells him to look for a woman just like that. How did he know how a girl would turn out? I'm sure he watched her
-Standards of character.
-Principles of living.
All of which would carry over into womanhood.

Honestly, I do not burn midnight oil. I'm not an early riser. I take naps frequently with Jude, just trying to stay energized enough to keep up with him. Many times I bow to an easy, rather than healthy, meal. One could say with certainty though, I am NOT idle. I can't be. My attitude has to stay positive and light, and I must remember that someone is watching my every move. I'm not perfect, and I want my sons to see that; but I also want them to see a mother who fears the Lord, works hard, lives with principle, and loves them with all her heart. After all, that is what Proverbs 31 is all about, isn't it?

Jude loves animal crackers and recently discovered the wonders of daddy's dart gun. He is all boy. Tractors, trucks, motorcycles... anything that makes loud noise is in his immediate radar. He likes to know how things work and will sit and figure out how the sound works in a toy. He can play for an hour stacking and knocking down blocks. At the same time, he loves to read and will bring me his favorite books so he can sit on my lap while I read them. Currently, his life pretty much revolves three feet around momma... no matter how hard I try to get away! :) He's a happy boy who thrives on social activities, yet stubborn as they come.

In short, parenting is both a joy and a trial. I feel like I'm constantly treading water, trying to stay afloat or shoveling snow in a blizzard. Some days I want to just give up on the house, because I can't keep up anyway. Other days I'm so exhausted that we "bail" the schedule and cuddle on the bed to watch Octonauts or Baby Einstein. All in all, I try to remind myself that someday my boys will be all grown up, and I'll wish I had rocked them to sleep just a little longer...

Motherhood is hard work, yet it has it's beautiful moments, and of course, huge rewards. I could say I'm a specialist in childhood development, or a stockholder in a long-term investment program, but there's just something beautiful about saying I'm a mother.