Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Locked Out

"Honey, don't shut the door," Michael told me specifically, "it has a digital automatic lock and I don't have the code."

I nodded and explored the house behind Jude, who is now a year old. It was Tuesday afternoon, and we had just pulled in to a lovely mission house where we were to spend the night. Michael was unloading, and I was letting Jude get out some energy.

Michael brought in another load, and headed out for more. Seeing the door was open, Jude dashed for the outdoors, hoping to make the escape to his preferred play area. I hurried after him, not wanting him to take a dive off the porch. The air-conditioning was on, and out of habit, I pulled the door shut. Just as it closed, I remembered.

"Uh, Michael.... I, uh, shut the door."

Now, we have been married just shy of two years. Not long, but long enough for the honeymoon stage to be over. Mistakes do happen, but this is the first time in two years I thought for sure Michael might get mad at me. Wallets, cell-phones, computers and files, passports... Everything was in the house. We had a little cash stowed away, but with out ID, we couldn't book a hotel. We didn't even have a cell-phone or a number for the church's secretary to come let us back in. Big whoops.

Thankfully, I have the blessing of being married to a very patient, long-suffering man. There is nothing like not being able to provide beds for your family to test any man. Michael treated me with love though. Of course,  we prayed as well, but I full well knew that this was my mess that I had made, and yes, God COULD fix it, but He was full well not entitled to do anything. We tried, in vain, to remember the code, to find an unlocked door to the house, and even to ask neighbors if they knew someone from the church. It was a rather stressful afternoon. All evening I had the verse,

"All things work together for good to them that love the Lord; to them who are the called according to His purpose." Romans.8:28

It was a great comfort to me. We love the Lord, and are called to do His purpose in Georgia. This situation definitely came under "all things."

....So what happened?????
You're probably expecting a happy ending... God brought someone by the church who let us in.... BUT, that's not what happened.

We spent the night in the car.

Jude didn't understand why he couldn't be in his bed and kept waking up. He ended up "sleeping" most of the night on me, which means I didn't sleep much either. We had a full day of travel the next day and a meeting that evening. We were exhausted.

Yet, God didn't leave us. He gave us strength for the meeting and favor with the people. Though they had not previously offered a place to stay, they asked us where we were staying. Learning of our predicament, they generously put us up for two nights at a hotel, checking us in with their ID. Michael had a safe, though long, 14 hour round trip back to get our belongings.

Ironically, God had answered our prayer and given us the code; we had the answer the whole time! The code WAS the very same verse the Lord had run through my head the whole evening: Romans 8:28! Our dear Lord sure has a sense of humor!

In all of this humorous though a bit stressful situation, God is good. He is faithful. And He didn't leave us hanging. What a Savior!