Thursday, April 7, 2016

Stepping Out in Faith

Wow! Rocks are cool!
What a consolation to know that when serving Christ, I'm not taking a leap in the dark, but rather walking in the light. Worry has no place in the light. Fear is chased away in God's presence. Choices take on eternal value.

We are stepping out in faith to pursue the next phase of the ministry to which God has called us. In anticipation of what God will do, and in preparation for departure, we are finishing up scheduling our meetings calendar. With the exception of some meetings previously scheduled for October, we are only scheduling through August. Hinson baby #2 is coming in September, and we are praying to be able to leave after receiving the newest child's passport, hopefully October.

You may wonder why this is a step of faith, so I will endeavor to explain. In our experience, it takes 6 months head time, at least, to schedule a meeting. Before the scheduling, we have to research, contact, and brief churches on our ministry. That means, if we get to August and do not have the needed support, we are set back at least a year. People are dying every day in the Country of Georgia and going to a Christless eternity, having never heard the gospel of Jesus one time. Our choice has eternal consequences.
Jude LOVES the out of doors!

We are yearning to get to the field and believe that God wants us there in October.

Right now, that means continuing praying. Fiercely. It means Michael is preparing for his ordination, and I am beginning to think of how to pack for a country I've never seen or experienced. It means preparing final paperwork, learning what little Georgian we can Stateside, and getting ready for a semi-permanent move.

Please join us in earnest prayer that God would perform the work that He has begun; that we could leave for the waiting people of Georgia in the fall.

And, just because I haven't posted this little guy in a while, I added pictures from a recent excursion outside. :)