Monday, February 29, 2016

The Cost of Serving Jesus

"O Lord, since Thou hast died
To give Thyself for me,
No sacrifice could be too great
For me to make for Thee.

Lord, send me anywhere; Only go with me. 
Lay any burden on me; Only sustain me. 
Sever any tie, Save the tie that binds me to Thy heart. 
Lord Jesus, my King, I consecrate my life, Lord, to Thee."

-David Livingstone, emphasis mine

This seems to be the lesson God is imprinting on my canvas recently. One by one, the things that I held dear, or thought necessary, God is severing from my life. Family, friends, photography, computer, big house/lots of space, pretty things, violin, even a daily shower... all are finding new positions, placed by God in the right place.

Now, don't get me wrong. Those things are still important. They just are not AS important as they were. God is weaning me from false joys and securities so that I can enjoy HIM more fully. How else am I to minister His truth to others?

In this world, there is cost attached to following Jesus. The question is, Does the cost affect  my following Jesus? Which is greater, the cost, or Christ?

Am I willing to give up a quiet, scheduled life for the life of traveling with my husband? That is what God has called me to. I could stay home while my husband travels, but that's not what God wants for me. Am I willing to give up a big house full of nice things for a cramped car stuffed with our true necessities?

Yes. I am. It isn't easy, for sure. It's a battle to fight for the right attitude and priorities. Nevertheless, it's worth it.

Christ is worth it.

The gospel is worth it.

Monday, February 15, 2016

When God Speaks

When God Speaks

Do I listen?

Maybe you've seen the 30 day Scripture writing plans circulating, as I have, on Facebook and other places. I don't know who designed them or started them on Facebook, but I think they are a great idea. Honestly, it has taken me more like 90 days to do just one sheet. I'm still on thanksgiving; but that's alright. Thanksgiving is a great topic to meditate on year round.

Interestingly enough, I've found that God STILL speaks through His Word. Thousands of years after the Bible was penned and it still talks. Those topics, pre-planned by someone who doesn't even know me, with a bunch of verses put in a seemingly random order intended for 30 consecutive days, and God KNOWS. I don't know how many times the verses I've written had relevance for that day. It happens a lot. 

And, sure enough, as I prepared a lesson for Sunday, the verses I wrote today came to mind. Wow. It's amazingly wonderful really, for God has taught me that a lesson to other ladies, young people, or children, means nothing if it isn't from the heart. HIS HEART. How can I teach about God if I don't know Him myself? The only way to get to know Him is through His own Word, where His Spirit speaks to my spirit, teaching me about God. Pretty fascinating really.

God is speaking. But He's ever the gentleman. You can ignore Him if you want. You can try to run and hide from what He says. Or, you can listen. It's well worth your time, my friends. He's already invested much in you. 

Are you listening?