Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jesus is Coming!

By Barbara Jewel Hinson, December 2015

Jesus is coming!

The advent season,
Christmas, you say.
Fills us with excitement,
of Jesus' birthday.

A lowly, little baby
born to a stall.
Brought a precious gift,
one offered to all.

And yes, He's still coming
to us today.
To give us His present,
that can't fade away.

Jesus is coming!

Yet not just to a virgin
after he's born.
Nor to a dirty manger
inside a barn.

Not only to a bustling, 
too-busy town
Nor to a bursting motel,
too full for a Crown.

Not only to some shepherds
beside Bethlehem's hill.
Nor heralded by angels
doing God's will.

Jesus is coming! 

Or rather, He's here,
calling your name.
He's seeking, He's yearning 
to give you the same.

That gift humbly brought
to earth long ago.
His presence; salvation,
grace, love, life, and joy.

He's ever knocking
on your heart's door.
Will you answer? Accept Him