Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What's a penny? One cent? Pocket change? A worthless piece of money?

How about encouragement, savings, and a dedicated heart? For us, that is what it means.

Recently, we visited a church that also had a school. Those school children did more for us than the adults- because adults often give out of abundance, but children give from the heart. All the students donated new items for the "missions store", then worked hard to earn "mission bucks" to put in the offerings to the missionaries so they could buy those items at the missions store. -These were things like, like winter gloves, thank you notes, clothes for Jude, Oreos, travel items, and so forth. In addition, each class "adopted" a missionary family and, over the year, collected money to give that family.

Those students, in pennies, change, and one dollar bills gave us just shy of a thousand dollars! Incredible right? Adults struggle to give- perhaps because we are more worldly aware, or have been burned before, or felt the fight to survive on nothing. Children just give. Joyfully. From a heart of faith. It is so encouraging!