Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coping with Ministry Stress

I wanted to share just  few of the things I am learning while in our pre-field ministry of support raising. Besides learning faith in God to provide there is a whole host of little lessons along the way.
Our current profession is extremely stressful. There are many different ways of coping with stress, and of course, I must always have personal time with God, but this has been what God has been showing me.

1. Be Positive
Look for the good in people, places, and situations. If I feel like complaining, I make it a game to see how many things I can be grateful for. This especially works if I'm annoyed or a little upset with Michael- I concentrate on his good qualities.

2. Enjoy the Moments
Sometimes that's all we get. A quick prayer together before a meeting. A kiss when Michael opens my car door. A few minutes to rock Jude in the nursery when he's fussy.

3. Be Myself- Don't Seek to Please
This sounds odd, I know. Let me explain- I am who I am. If I try to change myself to please every person or church we meet, I would work myself to a frazzle. Instead, I seek to please the Lord and honor my husband.

4. Weigh Advice
There are few people who I listen to unconditionally- my husband, parents, and my best friend. Everyone else, like the many people we meet at churches, I'm a careful listener. Some advice has been very helpful, other, not at all for us. I still listen, but we weigh it carefully before we adjust any behaviour.

5. Trust God, Trust my Husband
This means don't worry. It's a conscious choice. My husband was placed over me by God. God is in control. If we've discussed the issue already, I must let go, and trust it to God and my man.

6. Go to Bed
It's so easy to let the time fly after Jude goes to bed and it is easier to get things done. However, our job is physically taxing. It's best to go to bed at a reasonable time to get as much sleep as I can- especially during conferences.

7. Read & Pray with my Husband
This keeps us on the same page spiritually. Yes, we need individual time with God, but there is something especially bonding about studying God's Word and praying together; I don't understand it, but it's true.