Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why I don’t hate the homosexual:

Friday, the supreme court ruled that states could not deny homosexuals a marriage license. Really, this is a natural course of action, given the many times our nation has rejected God. We are no longer a Christian nation, and our judges are not Christians. Why then would we expect them to make the godly, moral decision to uphold Biblical marriage?

Yet as I ponder the ruling of the U.S. supreme court, the Lord reminds me that I am not to hate the homosexual, for he is not the enemy. Hate the sin and all it means, yes, but love the person as a soul for whom Christ died. Homosexuality is not the “unpardonable sin,” (that is a lack of faith in Christ for salvation), and it is not even a “worse” sin. It is listed in Romans 1 along with pride, envy, promise breakers, deceit & lying, and dishonoring parents. –But for God’s grace bestowed on me, there go I! In fact, James says that one who breaks God’s law in one area is guilty of breaking the whole thing. If I am proud, God considers me a law breaker just the same as he considers the homosexual to be a law breaker. Both sins disobey God’s law. Therefore, hating the homosexual person is wrong. I must separate the sinner for whom Christ died from the sin which they are committing, love them as Christ does, and pray for them, even while advocating against the sin of sodomy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Instant Out of Season

An odd title, to be sure, but perhaps one that brings to mind the following verse:

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. 
2 Timothy 4:2

This verse is, of course, speaking to "young" preacher boy Timothy, reminding him to be ready always to speak the truth. Though I'm not a preacher, I often have to be ready to serve the Lord and speak truth at any time. In deputation, one always has to be ready. This week, the Lord asked me to be ready "out of season."

Easy though he may be, Jude is a very young baby and requires a lot of time and energy- and deprivation of sleep. He seems to have developed some allergies which cause him to have some trouble breathing in his sleep or not feel good, interrupting his sleep and ours. And, on top of being tired from being up with Jude, Michael and I both came down with colds last weekend. Yet, ministry goes on.

We dropped in at a church Sunday morning and "happened" to be on hand when the visiting pastor asked one of the ladies if she had a special. She did not, so the speaker was deciding if he could do one when my husband whispered, "Can I volunteer you?" while I walked past on the way to the nursery. 

Sure. ...I'm exhausted, have a headache and stuffy nose from a cold, ...but I can sing. 

And God blessed it. My husband said I sounded better than ever before. Definitely "out of my season," and yet, God made sure I was ready.

You know a funny thing? Growing up, my family sang A LOT. We loved it, and have many happy memories around the piano. But I remember a few times when we were scheduled to sing at church and one or another of us complained of a cold. "I can't hear myself." "I can't sing on pitch." "My throat is too sore." Etc. 

My mom would always reply, "Someday you will be asked to sing, and you will have a cold, and you need to be able to sing, and sing right, anyway."

She was right. God used my parents to prepare me for deputation and on-the-field ministry when I would need to be "instant... out of season". What a blessing that God could teach me what I needed to have before I needed it so that I could be ready at any time, including when I have a cold.

I know that there will be other times when I will need to serve the Lord when I don't feel like it. Yet, God will prepare me for those times too. I just need to be willing to be instant.