Friday, May 15, 2015

The Joy of being Inconvenienced

Friday evening, May 1st, we drove to the hospital. I'd had contractions all day, but they weren't availing much, and since this was the fourth or so time this had happened, the doctor decided to help things along. He broke my water at 8:15. Three and three quarter hours later, (12:03 Saturday morning to be exact,) I held our son in my arms.

As I write this post, my son is snuggled in the crook of my left arm. He is adorable, though he is also a lot of work. In fact, I'm having to type this post with one hand. Such is the life of parenting.

Nathanael "Jude" Hinson, 13 days old
Since then, our lives have been busy, revolved around the new member of our family. Jude is an easy baby, and Michael is a natural dad, but still, there are many changes and challenges. Still, I would not exchange the inconveniences of having a baby around for the relatively simple life we had before Jude arrived.

Yes, he likes to be held constantly; but he'll only be little so long.

Yes, he insists upon waking me up and being held, changed, and fed a few times at night; this too will pass.

When he cries inconsolably and we're beyond ourselves to know what to do, we look down in awe of this little person God has brought into our lives and thank God he is healthy and able to cry.

When I'm exhausted and Michael's not available, I think of how much love God has for me, how He's never too tired for me, and hold Jude just a little bit closer.

Parenthood is not the only inconvenience in life, though it is a prominent one. There's that homeless person knocking on your car door, or the old lady needing help to look for her car in the Walmart parking lot (yes, this has happened to me), or the neighbor cashing in a favor at an inopportune time... I'm sure you could think of more. Yet with each inconvenient situation comes an opportunity to receive joy. Joy in knowing that you are pleasing your Father. Joy in seeing the smile from those you've blessed. Joy in knowing you've done what you would want someone to do for you or your loved ones. Inconveniences bring opportunity that will only come once at that particular time, place, and situation.

Who knows but that that "inconvenience" could become a witnessing opportunity and bring one more soul into God's kingdom?

I'm choosing to embrace the inconvenience of parenthood... what about you? Do you see the opportunity disguised as inconvenience?