Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love Story Part 3

Back from the final week of counseling at the Christian camp, Michael checked his email.
During our week as counselors I had gotten to learn some about Barbara. I asked [her to write] because I was interested to get to know her a little better. I do remember being impressed by her specifically working with the campers, but also her conversation, deportment, interest in missions and in Biblical truth. Plus I did like talking to her! Honestly I didn’t know if I wanted to court her at that time because I didn’t feel I knew her well enough, but it was a possibility somewhere in my mind. I really wouldn’t have asked unless I wanted to know her more. I can’t say I was thinking too in depth about the email from Barbara. Of course I wondered what she might be thinking. I checked my route back to Tennessee (where I live). Going through Minneapolis would add somewhat more than 100 miles to my trip. Normally I wouldn’t have lengthened the trip, but in this case I decided take her offer just to see her again and maybe talk to her. What I didn’t know was that she wasn’t planning on being at her grandparent’s house when I came through. 
What I had failed to mention, as Michael said, was that I wasn't staying at my grandparents. I just offered him a place to stay, same as I would for any other missionary passing through. I was living at my aunt's house, some 45 minutes down the road. Quite honestly, it had never occurred to me that he might take me up on the offer to see ME, I just figured he'd want a real bed for a night.

A minor catastrophe at my grandparents' brought my mom out on the train for a couple of weeks, and she stayed with them. When Michael replied that he would be through, my mom asked if I was planning on going over there for the night to visit. 

No, I wasn't, and hadn't even thought of it, but, she told me a should, as I would be the only one he knew or that was close to his age. So, I packed an overnight bag and got ready to go to my grandparents for the night. I didn't think I had done anything different, but on my way out of the house, my younger cousins asked "Where are YOU going?" (Maybe I had thought about my appearance... just maybe.)

I had given Michael my mom's phone number so that he could call her and give her an estimated time of arrival and let her know if he needed dinner. But, when he didn't call, my mom asked me to call him to find out his ETA, and give him directions if need be. I wondered how awkward it would be for him to know I was staying there too. I needn't have worried.

It wasn't awkward at all. Michael is easy going, and my mom and grandpa were accommodating and friendly. The four of us sat down in the front room with rootbeer floats, and my grandpa struck up a conversation. It really was a delightful evening. When my mom and grandpa decided to retire for the evening, Michael and I followed suit. He'd been driving for fifteenish hours, and I had a college test in the morning, so we all needed sleep.  In the morning, mom left early, grandpa fixed a lovely breakfast, and Michael and I talked for a little bit before I had to leave for my college test.

At this point, my grandpa, parents, Aunt and Uncle, and cousins were all noticing what was going on, and I thought Michael was impressive and hoped we could become better friends and maybe more, though I couldn't imagine that's what he was thinking. After all, I am a girl...