Monday, February 24, 2014

A Love Story- Part 2

So, where did I leave off? Oh yes, Michael had asked me to write and I was shocked at the idea, amazed that a guy would asked to write me, and freaking out that I was actually considering it.

I mean, I really didn't know this guy from Adam.

I needed advice. I called my mom, but there were some other major family issues going on, and she couldn't really talk. So, I did the next best thing: I called my best friend, Esther. She was more excited that a guy had asked to write me than I was.  As I told her the story, I told her I knew it was crazy; that only God could have done something like this. Unfortunately, though I knew God was in control, and I could see His hand was at work, my mind still battled for understanding. I talked everything over with my friend, from the shock and surprise, to my fears about whether it would turn out right, to trepidation that I would be a burden or distraction to Michael on the mission field. Esther prayed with me and encouraged me to trust the Lord and to wait on Him.

I talked it over with my parents some more, and they thought it would be perfectly fine for me to email Michael (it was just me that wasn't so sure.) My parents said I should offer him a place to stay with my grandparents (who live around Minneapolis, MN) so he wouldn't have to sleep in his car on his way back toward Tennessee.

And, so, wondering what I was thinking, I sent an email to Michael. It went something like this:

Bro. Hinson,
How was camp? I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep! It takes some stamina to counsel at camp 3 weeks in a row.
You said something about going back to Georgia for a missions conference... I don't know how you travel or what your plans are, but my grandparents live right off the freeway in Minneapolis. So, if you are going back by that route, they would be honored to host a missionary overnight. 
A fellow soldier in Christ,

But of course, he was at camp for a few more days, and I had no idea, if, when he got it, he would read it or reply...

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Love Story- Part 1

You may have been wondering why it's been so quiet, and I apologize. It is not because God hasn't been working. He has. He's been doing wonderful things, and I'd love to share with you now, if I may.

The last few months, I've been courted by a young man, and it has kept me pretty busy. As of last Thursday, I am engaged to Michael Hinson, a missionary on deputation (gathering support to go) to the country of Georgia. We plan to marry on July 5th in Montana. God is so good!

Now, with a bomb like that, I know what the next question is, so... here is the story:

Lots of people have tried to hook me up with guys before, and I always said, "There are six billion people in the world; half of them are guys, and I only need one. God doesn't need help. He can bring me a guy from halfway around the world if He wants." However, I never really expected God to do just that.

Last summer, when I returned home for a couple of weeks, a missionary visited our church one Sunday to share his burden for the country of Georgia. Because we both have a heart for the mission field, we talked a little after church. My dad, not knowing that we had met already, introduced us, and then said to him, "you don't have to remember my name, just remember that I'm her dad." I thought this was a funny introduction, but just kept the conversation going without stopping to analyze the situation. 

Then, it just so "happened" that both of us helped staff a Christian camp the very next week. And well... something must have clicked. By the end of the week, he asked to "keep up" with me, and I surprised myself by saying I thought that would be okay. Half way home from the camp, (on an eight hour trip) it occurred to me that he was not referring to missionary newsletters.

My dad had met this missionary when he had visited our church, and knew he went to help out at camp, but to my surprise, he also suspected something else. As soon as I returned home from camp, daddy asked "So, how did it go? How did it go with Michael?" I replied that he had asked to write me; to which I was surprised to hear the response, "good, good, glad to hear it." Apparently, my dad liked the guy.

Michael was returning to the camp the next week, and I returned back to Minnesota with his prayer card. He had asked to keep up, but he had not asked for my email- he left the ball in my court. ALL I had to decide was what to do. I had never written a guy before for anything other than business. Much less, I didn't want to start a "just for fun" relationship, and I didn't know how serious this guy was, missionary or no.

To be continued...