Friday, December 27, 2013

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas...

I awoke early this morning and tiptoed upstairs. The house is quiet. Serene. Snow is gently floating down from the sky in large flakes with that picturesque type of snowfall. Gifts opened the day before sit around the base of the Christmas tree, waiting to be redeemed by sending a thank-you note to the giver. Grandma, seemingly untouched by the schedule of the last few days, was awake and ready to rise at eight o'clock. But the rest of the house was silent. After all the hustle and hubbub of the last few days, I imagine the household is getting caught up on some much-needed rest. It's amazing isn't it. After getting grandma settled, I returned to my room to prepare for my day. My Bible beckoned to me from the bedside stand. Enjoying the quietness, I opened my Bible and met with God.

That is what Christmas is all about. Really, Christmas is just a day we have chosen  to celebrate the presence of God on earth, but He is here every day of the year. When I prayed to receive Christ as my Savior nine years ago, His Spirit came to dwell within to guide me and teach me His way. That day, Emmanuel, came to be with me. Christmas stands as a memorial of God reaching out and coming down in human flesh to prove His love for mankind. I once heard the "fear" of the Lord defined as "the constant awareness of the presence of God."

The intrigue of a particular phrase in Isaiah 33 caught my attention. "...the fear of the Lord is His treasure..." As I look forward to year 2014, I want to remember the truth of Christmas- that the presence of God is with me. Constantly. Always here. With me right now.

That ought to change my perspective, attitude, thoughts, and actions.

Lord, may you continually remind me of your dear presence, and may an awareness of your presence guide me to live righteously for you.