Monday, November 18, 2013

A Choice to Love

There are many times that I don't feel like I love the people I'm with, or yes, certain members of my family. Yet, love is a choice, is it not?

The world has cheapened the word love by allowing it to represent a flimsy, shallow, whimsically changeable emotion that is more of a reaction to circumstances than a moving force. The love described in the Bible is active. Moving. Doing. Serving. Helping. Sacrificially pouring into another.

Love is a choice.

Yet it is also a reaction; not to another mortal's attempts at demonstrating affection, but rather to the unchanging character of God. People fail. It is their nature. Everyone else is just as selfish as I am; so why would I expect them to be or to give more than I myself could do? In the truest sense of the word love, it is quite impossible. Mankind is not really capable of love.
However, God designed love. More aptly described, God IS love. He first loved me; He gave sacrificially; He demonstrated His love to an ungrateful sinner. It is only through a close relationship with Jesus Christ that love is conceivable. As Christ loves me and overwhelms me with His love, His love flows over onto others. Therefore, it is only through Christ, His power, and His grace, that I can truly love another.

What an honor it would be to be a vessel fit for the Master's use, able to so bless others as He fills me with His love!

In essence, I don't have to "feel" like loving. Love is a choice that pulls its power from the blood of Jesus. It's a gift, really.