Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enlisting the Army

To God's Many Prayer Warriors,

Please pray. God has put together a POWERFUL team here that is in unity seeking the Lord and serving Him. There is so much potential here to do great works for God. Because of this, we are experiencing strong spiritual opposition in our dorm. Please pray that God will bind the power of Satan, that He will oversee and protect our sleep, and that God's peaceful presence would overtake the oppression of the Enemy. We have been told that the team that was here last year had some major issues, and the spirits of bad music, eating habits, and horrific entertainment are still here haunting this team. If there is no battle, there is no power, -no growth- only a complacency, so we know that God is at work. God is more powerful than the kingdom of earth and His protection is all we need. Please pray for God to bless our work here and to keep the Enemy away.

Thank you all!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taiwan TESOL Teams

These are the Taiwan TESOL teams for the year 2011-2012. Please pray for each one. Each team does something a little different, varying from acting, traditional teaching, traveling, and camp staff, but we are all here to reach people with the love of Christ.

Chiayi Team: Liesl, Fey, Christiana, and Rebekah

Hualien Team: Emily, Ashley, Carrissa, and Meghan
Kinmen Team: Bethany, Johnny, Eunice, Christina, Peter, and Bethany
Nantou Team: Reuben, Corrie, Tyler, Tina, Tim, Laura, and Marshall
Pingdong Team: Aaron, Julia, Alex, Andrea, Kyle, Camellia, Amber, and Jared

Taichung Team: Lindy and Kelsey
Yuli Team: Justin, Caitlyn, Rebekah, Lydia, Chris
Yunlin Team: Barbara, Jo, and Susanna
TESOL Team 2011-2012!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Picture Journal

 Friday, August 26,2011

Get-to-know-you-games: picture search. 
Who are we acting out?

 These fish were so fresh, they were still twitching and had to be tied to stay on the stand.

 So cute! This is actually pretty normal here on the streets of Taipei.

 Chinese class at the zoo.
(Marshall, Susan, Camellia, Crystal, Me, Tim)

Dinner Salad: Lettuce, cabbage, spicy chicken, asparagus, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Day 1 in Taiwan

Before I left, I asked the Lord to give me a verse for my time in Taiwan. Last night, the Lord showed it to me:

"God is faithful,
by whom ye were called
unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord."
1 Corinthians 1:9

There are three things in this verse for me:
1, God is faithful. He will give me the strength and grace I need for every situation that comes.
2, By Whom ye were called. God called me to serve Him and to walk with Him here in Taiwan.
3, Fellowship. God wants me to have unity with my team; to know them and to love them.

I am so grateful to God to have this promise and guidance for this year. This verse is a reference point, to remind me that God called me here to Taiwan and He has a purpose for me being here. Praise the Lord for His goodness.

Now, for a quick update:
Friday, August 26, 2011

Well, I do not know whether to start you on my flight to Taiwan or upon my arrival. My flight was eventful as I got stopped and searched at both security check-points, my baggage also got checked (the contents dumped, jumbled, and tossed back in the duffel bag), I was given the wrong boarding pass, etc. However, I did meet a nice lady from Taiwan who left me her number and e-mail to contact her later, praise the Lord. In all, I travelled for about 24 hours before arriving at Taipei, Taiwan, at 9:45pm (7:45am Chicago time).

My first day here in Taiwan was filled with team orientation, get-to-know-you activities, and a class in Chinese. The team the Lord put together in Yunlin is amazing! Already we have bonded and have a great one-accord spirit, and it is only day one! Thank you Lord for answering prayers. I am on a team that teaches English at a Character English camp. Though we get to back-up the character being taught in Chinese, we are teaching English separately. There are two other girls on my team, Bethany Jo and Susanna. Both of them love the Lord, have wonderful attitudes, and are very mature. It will be a joy to work with them. We also have another team (Jai?) which will be with our team for 4 weeks for training. Today, we enjoyed a photo treasure hunt, a trip to the zoo, worship, and a time of prayer and blessing together. It was a beautiful day, though I must say, I AM looking forward to a bed tonight.

Monday, August 15, 2011


God is so amazing!

I'm sure you knew that already, but it is worth repeating. Let me explain this exclamation and tell you how I got this amazing shot.

After saving for months, and months, and months, I was finally able to buy a new camera. Knowing I am just about to leave the country, I purchased a Canon Powershot instead of the SLR that I wanted. -This one is easier to carry and less expensive to replace if lost. Anyway, I REALLY wanted to try it out on fireworks, but knew that the chances of the "4th of July" happening in Taiwan would be slim. -okay, impossible! God is so cool though. During my break between conferences, the girls in the house I was staying took my sister and I to the Indiana fair. Guess what??? The evening ended with a grand display of... fireworks! Thank you Lord for the little blessing. It meant much to me!

A Whirwind of Conferences

It seems like ages since I last posted. It's not that there's nothing to post, it's more because there hasn't been time to post.

So, to catch up a little bit, here is just a short log of what I've been up to.

VBS went out with a bang! The parent program went absolutely amazing. Most of the parents came and PACKED our little auditorium. 25ish kids collected around $120 for the Klassen missionary family. Most importantly, every child and every parent heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. There also were two families that wanted to know more information about our church. Praise the Lord for His work that week.

The next morning, I loaded up all my suitcases in my car and headed for Chicago via my grandparents' house in Minnesota. I had been invited to give my testimony in a Commit session at the IBLP Indianapolis Regional Conference, and I had to be at the IBLP headquarters in Chicago by Sunday night. When I spent the night in MN, I got delightfully detained for another 12 hours. -My cousin Sarah would be coming with me!!!! I arrived at the conference a little later than planned, but I didn't mind.

my cousin Sarah: you are so beautiful!

Commit was absolutely amazing! I loved my team!!! (To my girls reading this: You girls were such a delight to work with, and I loved getting to know each of you!) The leadership team really sought to know the Lord and show the girls Christ's love for them. What a joy to be a part of this ministry. While I was there, I was privileged to play in the orchestra and my cousin joined the choir. That was very fun.

my team: gardenia

After the Commit conference, I had three days to catch my breath. During this time, I worked back at the IBLP HQ in Chicago. They asked me to do some edits on the Embassy Institute for them.

Back on the road again a few days later, I rode in a HQ van to go to the WIT (whatever it takes) Singles Conference. The sessions were packed with convicting information teaching openness and brokenness, lies we believe, serving God in singleness, and taking the next step (marriage). My favorite session was... not really a session... it was communion, but since we are "sworn to secrecy," I can't really tell you about it. ;) God did so much in my own heart and life, revealing lies and fears. Oh how sweet it is to walk in fellowship with the Lord free from the bondage of sin!

my team: 14 (minus 1- we missed you Katie Dugan!)

I am now stationed back at Chicago HQ until I leave the country for Taiwan on the 24th. I will try to keep you all updated because I so appreciate all your prayers. Thank you so much!