Friday, April 22, 2011

Ministry Walk

I just moved into town on Sunday, worked for four days, and the first day I have off, it rains! I had planned on washing my car, but I guess it won't need that now. So, what to do? What do YOU do on a rainy day? After reading my Bible and having an encouraging talk with a friend, I decided to go for a ministry walk. In the rain. For about 18 blocks. What is a ministry walk? Well, it is what I call a walk during which I scout the blocks surrounding my home, and pray for the people who live there. Sometimes, a rainy day is "safer" for a single woman on the "wrong side of the tracks" (which is a few blocks from my new apartment). During my walk, I met two middle-school girls, who chatted with me for a moment. I also discovered two parks in the area, which will be fun to visit on a sunny day. Walking around town and seeing so many people gave me such a burden to reach those people- here in Sidney Montana, USA. God loves these folks, and so many of them only have a rudimentary knowledge of Him. They don't know that Jesus is the ONLY WAY to get to heaven; that being good or going to church will not save them. Most of them are moral, good people, but no one is good enough to get to heaven. Please pray for me as God leads me to reach my neighbors with the gospel.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Weeks at Verity

Verity Institute is an accelerated learning program in which students can get a degree in about 21 months. I have been taking correspondence courses through them since August. The end of March, I was blessed to visit Verity for two weeks.

Welcome to Verity Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The statistics class that I attended was postponed a week, and, when I arrived, everyone was at a conference. So, I got rested up, caught up on school, and went on a photo shoot.

Statistics is a very difficult class, and I got labeled right away as "LOST", as I don't get math. It was fun though, and the Lord blessed me with understanding. After the first day, the door to our class had numerous funny statistics jokes taped to it, which helped lighten the atmosphere in a rough class.
My room mate was amazing! I met Ruth a few years ago, and it was a joy to spend time with her again. We did some silly things- you know, like friends do; but she was also a great encouragement and challenged me to walk closer to God.

The day before I left one of the teachers, Emily, took me out to the "park," which ended up being a cemetery. Besides being very quiet, it had a beautiful view as well!

What a blessing to be on a campus of Believers who are all seeking God and His best. -And it was great to study (and struggle) with my classmates! I hope to visit again sometime.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Excellency of the Knowledge

As I get up this morning, I roll over in bed, grab my Bible and begin to read. This morning's passage is in Ezekiel, where God is judging the Shepherds who had not done their job. However, God did not let the sheep off scott-free. They too received judgment for fighting amongst themselves and devouring each other. Then I turn to the Psalms. "Whither can I flee from Thy presence?" Justice is God's "problem." He sees everything, and He alone has the power to truly change someone inside and out. Why do I try to help Him?

The thought crossed my mind, being bitter, holding grudges, being angry, all these responses are pointless and hurt me more than the offender. However, to release my feelings to God, though leaving me vulnerable, places me in the safest place I could ever be. In God's arms.

What a joy it has been this month to dive into the Word of God. To see God for who He is and enjoy His presence! The first thing that crosses my mind in the morning is what I will read in His letter to me, and what He will tell me in our morning conversation. Instead of wondering what business e-mails await me, I have only my business with the King of kings. It did not matter to me what friends were saying on facebook or who had sent me a message- only what God was showing me throughout the day of His love and mercy for me. What a relief! I challenge every one of you to set aside media or internet (or even your cell phone!) for a couple of weeks, and just see how much more exciting God's Word and God's presence become to you. Truly, the knowledge of Jesus Christ is EXCELLENT!