Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Goals from the Life of Jesus

This year, I'm going to... Yes, I've made those resolutions too, and some of them actually last all the way to... February. My ultimate goal though, as is many of yours, is to be like Jesus, which is a day by day, moment by moment decision. Here are some of the things that Jesus did in His years of preparation for the ministry, as shared by Dr. McCray, president of Verity Institute.

During the first chapel at Verity Institute, Dr. McCray outlined the things we can learn for 2011 from the life of Jesus in the temple at age 12:

1. His family celebrated annual traditions(went up to the feast every year)

2. Jesus lingered behind (his attention was drawn to the big picture of his life)

3. Three days (he was self directed)

4. He was consistent and predictable (his parents found him in the temple)

5. He was a good listener (he was sitting among the teachers and hearing them. We too should work on the art of listening in 2011)

6. He was characterized by humility and a strong desire to learn (he was asking them questions)

7. He also talked and shared his opinion and the things he had learned (they were amazed at his answers)

8. His focus and priority was God (did you not know that I must be about my Father's business)

9. Even as a junior higher, entertainment, recreation and sports, and even his own peer group, took second place in Jesus' life (his parents did not find him playing kick ball in the streets, but on a fast track of education)

10. He went back to Nazareth and was subject to his parents (he was content and at peace, and continued to seek God and trust God as he prepared himself for his life calling - doing the will of his Heavenly Father)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Pictures

 Ah. I love Christmas.  Perhaps the part I enjoyed the most this year is having everyone home.... well, except Isaiah.  He is missed greatly by his wife and kids.  Since we were all together at the same time and in the same place, we took family pictures.  What fun!  I got out the tripod and tried to find a place in our house where the lighting would be okay.  Our family is a blast with pictures.  -Some days, I'd rather have a video camera.

 The guys,while the girls are still getting ready.

This one's for Isaiah.  All it needs is one more face...

 I love you Cassie!  Just so I can take you with me while you're in Chicago.

 Mom and Dad- they are a great inspiration, having been married 26 years this year and still together.  I love you mom and dad!

Here's well, most of the group.  Smile everyone.  Small children mean 6, 8 or 12 photos to get it right.

No, we're not like this all the time, but most of it. ;)  Random shots before everyone knows the camera is shooting can be very fun.

 The four of us kids: Alicia, Barbara, Cassie, and David.

Have a great year 2011!
"The Lord bless you and keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you, and give you peace."

1st Century Bethlehem

I love teaching children and seeing the "light" go on when they put things together. Apparently, over Christmas, some of the kids watched a TV version of Jesus' birth. -But some of the details weren't quite right, as they learned today.

Are angels all girls? Actually, the Bible only mentions male angels. There may be female angels, but the Bible doesn't talk about them.

How many wisemen went to visit Jesus? The Bible doesn't say. The traditional number of 3 originates from the number of gifts given.

What happens when King Herod finds out about Jesus? He kills all the children 2yrs and under. King Herod was a mean guy!