Sunday, November 28, 2010

All in the Name of Jesus

In the Name of Jesus who shed His blood,
I stand justified in His crimson flood.

In the Name of Jesus, my Mediator,
I pray the Father and come bold before.

In the Name of Jesus, my Lord and Master,
I'll follow His lead, obey Him and serve.

In the Name of Jesus, High Tower, Fortress,
I find relief from danger and stress.

In the Name of Jesus who loves me so,
I have joy, peace, rest, to depths of my soul.

In the Name of Jesus, God's Own Son,
I claim heritage, an heavenly home.

In Jesus' Name is Redemption and Rest
Through Him I find peace, and by Him I'm blest;
All in the Name of Jesus!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worth More Than Money

On Wednesday, I was asked to substitute teach for a 3rd grade class.  The class was rowdy, but some of the kids were more trouble than others.  One child in particular "B" made my job difficult by being sullen and disobedient all day.  Waiting for music class to begin, I was playing "do this - do that" with the kids while we stood lined up outside the music room door, when B hits the girl in front of him as hard as he can.  Though I didn't see it happen, I saw the girl crying and asked B if he hit her.  He readily admitted hitting her for no reason, but refused to apologize.  Unfortunately, appealing to his conscience didn't work, so I tried a character approach to show right vs. wrong.  After a moment, he screams "I'm sorry" as loud as he could.  Another teacher stepped in to show me how to send him to the principal's office in that school.
Later, B comes back to class much subdued.  As long as B sat with me, they did fine, but they did require constant supervision.  Having a half hour of school time left with nothing assigned, I decided to do a character lesson.  The definition of attentiveness is showing the worth of a person or a task by giving my undivided concentration.  I asked the kids what worth meant, and one girl said it's like money.  "Exactly." I explained that If you have a 5 dollar bill, it's worth $5, and if you have a 100 dollar bill, it's worth $100.  Each person is worth something, because everyone is special, designed to do something that no one else can do.  B looks at me and says "Miss Sutton, I'm worth 200 million dollars."  To this I quickly answered "Oh no, B, you are worth much more than that!"  
The look on B's face was pure amazement, for B could not understand how I could still love them after they had been such a jerk all day.  What a joy to share the love of Christ with a child so hungry for it; even when I cannot say God's name or explain redemption, this child saw it very clearly.  Thank you Lord, for loving me when I did not deserve it, and help me to love others the way you love them.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shining In Her Corner

Where is your corner? For Amy Vest, her corner is encouraging girls in their walk with the Lord.  She reaches out with Bible studies, conferences, and many hugs.  Recently, a friend of mine just completed a documentary about Amy's love and service for the Lord.  Check it out at:
To find out more about Amy and her ministry, visit her at: