Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trust the Lord

Leaky roofs, bedroom turned storage closet, broken washing machine, lost to-do list, preparation for college... Agh!!!  All of that would drive anyone crazy.  BUT GOD.  Those two words change any circumstance, because God's in the business of changing people.  He has taken a trying two weeks and turned it into heart preparation and practice in flexibility.  As I look forward to three weeks at Verity Institute, I have already seen God at work to change me and make me more like Him. 
Oh the joy of being in the center of His will! 

When you don't understand and you can't see God's hand,
Always keep His command; Trust the Lord.
When your world falls apart, Sadness fills your heart,
From this truth don't depart; Trust the Lord.

When you don't know your way and it's hard just to pray, 
Know a Love that will stay; Trust the Lord.
When your days turn to night and you can't see the light,
Walk by faith not by sight; Trust the Lord.

Trust the Lord, He is Faithful and True. 
Trust the Lord, for He cares about you.
Trust the Lord. What He says He will do!
Don't despair of His care. Trust the Lord!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pictures from VBS

Pictures from VBS- The Captain of Our Ship 2010!  
We had a great week at VBS this year.  Miss Meghan and I had lots of help from the young people in our church, as well as a few other adults.  30 kids attended, which is wonderful seeing we only have 4 members' kids at our church.  The kids were divided into 3 teams: Blue, Red, and Green, and visited various "islands" throughout the morning.  Each "island" was run by teens who did a fantastic job teaching stories, verses, songs, crafts, and games.  Praise the Lord for the seeds that were planted in the hearts of these children!

Miss Barbara and Miss Meghan getting prepared for a few extra kids...
Showing off the hats we made on Tuesday...
The green team lining up...
Listening to the story of Jonah...
Mr. Luke helping out with a ship's log activity...
Listening to teacher while coloring...
 Tug-of-War is always best when you get to play the teacher...
Some of the blue team hangin' out at Hawaii...
Singing songs with Miss Miriam and Miss Jolynne...
The red team learning their verse...
How clean is your ship?  (Swab the Deck relay)...
Working on memory verses...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation Bible School 2010

 Come and join us at Bible Baptist Church next week as we sail the high seas and learn more about 
The Captain of Our Ship!
We're glad to be here at vacation Bible school, vacation Bible school, vacation Bible school. 
We're glad to be here at vacation Bible school 'cause it's the best place we could be!  
We're here to learn that Jesus loves us, and meet new friends who've come to join us.  
We'll share exciting stories and play some games at vacation Bible school!  
We're glad to be here at vacation Bible school 'cause it's the best place we could be!

Teacher, or ????

Someday I ought to write a book about what kids say to me.  I get some most adorable phrases!  The other day, I was teaching music to some young homeschoolers, which couldn't remember my name.  Instead of substituting my name with the all-general "teacher", one of them tapped my arm and said "momma".  So cute!  Anyway, they are such a good group of kids.  And I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them.  I got quite surprised at how well the 5 year old did on note values!