Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thy Word have I hid in my heart...

This Sunday, my junior church kids quoted Exodus 20:1-17 and a song out of Psalm 119 for "big church". They did such a great job!How amazing to watch them put God's Word in their heart, and to be able to come away knowing how to apply it.
Sadly, there's been a few "situations" with the kids' families it seems, all at the same time, so only half of my kids could come to church. Please pray that the kids will cling to God as everything else in their world gets turned upside down.
For those that were there, we had a blast! We played zonk, a fun review game, and earned prizes, and sang, and ate snacks. Mason, the youngest, surprised me by filling-in-the-blank of our memory verses every time I stopped. -He's only four! What a good reminder to "let the children come to Jesus". Mason isn't too young, and really, no age should be to reach them with the gospel, even if it seems to only plant seeds.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The MN Homeschool Covention

It has been a while since I have posted a report, so I thought I'd catch you all up a bit.
The second week of April was really busy. Some of the kids whom I tutor in voice had a competition, and I also had a booksale. They overlapped just a bit, which made the days more exciting. Well, anyway, my voice students did wonderfully; each of them had worked hard, they truly did their best, and they placed!
At the booksale, I got to work with two very amazing girls: Sarah Shelton and Jessica Mullen. The three of us had a blast chatting with folks, keeping the table organized, and selling the materials. Some folks were really excited to find a character curriculum, and what a joy to share it with them!
Here are pictures of the girls at the Character Qualities for Life booth:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Contenment vs. Covetousness

Since I started teaching the junior church class 12 weeks ago, the attendence has really grown. The Lord is so good, and is working in their hearts and lives. Truly, what a joy it is to teach kids so willing to listen, hear God's voice, and try out what they are learning. Praise the Lord for such "hearing hearts"! Easter Sunday, I had 10 in my class, and we covered the real meaning of Easter. One of the parents came down with her kids, which turned out good, because she was able to hear her son's questions regarding God's resurrection.

Please pray for Gunner. His dad died a few years back, so he sees that death is permanent, and cannot understand how Jesus could rise from the dead. (And if God died, then there is no God.) His heart is angry and hurting, and I pray that God can teach Him His purpose.

This week, we talked about the final command stated in Exodus 20: "thou shalt not covet...". After the story a king who wanted everything (Ahab and the Vineyard), we played Alphabet Gratefulness, and the kids really got into it. Braden told me: "then, when I'm at home, and want something of someone else's, I can write the letters, cut them out, and play this game myself!" Pray that the Lord continues to work in hearts and to teach the children how to apply His Word.

Two more kids earned their "Bible bringer's bookmark" today. They are looking forward to learning the books of the Bible this summer in junior church. Each time we mark who has their Bible, we also talk about why they would need a Bible in church, and they are following right along. So precious indeed to see them racing to find a reference!