Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Not-So-Wee Little Man

So, just for something different, I asked my brother to help me in Junior Church with the story. The "Bible Times Reporter" asked Zaccheus some questions about his job, his life, and his story. (My brother is actually 6 feet tall, so the kids got a kick out of the not-so-wee little man playing Zaccheus.) Being naturally dramatic as he is, the kids absolutely loved Mr. David, and would love to have him back.
This week, the kids came bursting into class: "I have my Bible!" "I'm already to the story of King David!" "I know my verses!" Oh, how precious to see them so excited to learn about our Blessed Jesus. Usually, with a story like Zaccheus that everyone knows, the kids will cut in to the story to help me tell it, but today, they listened attentively and even the youngest ones followed along. Carson read our verses in class, and Lakayla earned a "Bible bringer bookmark". What a joy to serve my Lord!

My Junior Church kids will be performing their verses (Exodus 20:1-17) and their song (Psalm 119:97,101,103,105) on March 27th at Bible Baptist Church. For those of you who live near Sidney, MT, I'd love to have you join us!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Pure Heart Conference

This last weekend, though crazy busy, was very refreshing. The fellowship with friends, both old and new, and the biblical insight, encouraged me to stay on the "straight and narrow" path. Last August, and old friend of mine, Amy Vest, told me about a purity conference coming up, and I began praying; for the staff, the girls, for the details, and all. Though I really wanted to go, it didn't seem like the Lord was going to allow that- at first. Once I gave my desire to Him, it seemed like the floodgates of blessings poured out. From a ride to the conference and back, to a chiropractic visit, the Lord took care of all of the details, answering each of my prayer requests. What a God we serve!
I was busy the entire conference, (which is why there aren't any pictures, so sorry) but I loved every minute of it. The many girls that attended went away with a desire to put what they had learned to work, and I pray that they do. And the staff- what a blessing to work with each of them! Everyone worked so well together it was as if the Lord Himself was standing in the midst of us orchestrating all the events. :) How amazing to watch the Lord work, and what a priviledge to be a part of it!

Under the Blood

Spring. This is such an exciting part of year! The snow melts away revealing the ground, mom's tulips begin to poke up out of the ground, and the goats have their kids. Everything that seemed so dead and still is once again coming to life, displaying many reminders of the Father's care.
This year, one of my goats kidded triplets, but only feeds one of them; and another goat had only one kid. I got this brilliant idea, and covered one of the triplets in blood, and placed her in with the other momma. The momma had no idea that it wasn't her baby, and began to lick her off, accepting it as one of hers. Unfortunately, the triplet had encountered that nanny goat before, so she was too scared to allow the other mom close. So, I still ended up with a "bum" orphan kid.
What an amazing picture! God in His mercy, covered us with Jesus' blood, so that we could be one of His. The only sad part, is often, even after salvation, I don't trust God, or I don't accept His forgiveness and keep on going on my own. Wouldn't it be so much easier to allow God to cover it, and have a close relationship with Him?
This spring, keep in mind: God's Son shed His blood, so we can have fellowship with the Father. Have you accepted Him?

"And by the law almost all things are made clean with blood, and without blood there is no forgiveness." Hebrews 9:22

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the Spotlight

You never know what opportunities God will send your way!

This past week, I was priveledged to perform on stage at a community concert. I played Amazing Grace with a group of assorted musicians, and then sang Be Not Afraid, out of Isaiah 43, with my brother. Usually, I would think it strange to be invited to perform such obviously religious pieces at a secular concert. -But that's just the kind of God I serve.

This is the first time my brother and I have sung a duet together for performance, and we enjoyed it. Though many folks told us "what wonderful voices" we had, I was especially blessed by those who praised the Lord for our testimony.

Friends, students, and whoever else they could strum up played Amazing Grace, so there was a variety of proficiency and experience. Some of the kids were on stage for the first time... what a joy to be a part of it all!

It is true, you don't have to go across the world to be a missionary. You just have to step out of your comfort zone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


on the 'friger'tor.

Junior church has really been a blast! The kids are coming week after week, excited to come and hear the story. This week, I had 5 very excited chattery kids, and I had to calm them down just to tell the story, but that's the way kids are. We learned that even though we haven't killed any one, God says that being angry at your brother/sister or hating them is just as bad as killing them. At first, the kids said "my brother..." or "my sister needs to hear this..." but eventually, I could see God was working, and they really took the message to heart. When we made posters to take home, reminding them to choose right, forgive, and be kind, my little four year old Mason says "I'm not putting mine in my room, I'll never see it. I'm going to put mine on the 'friger'tor where I can see it." What a great reminder! How many of us walk away from the lesson and totally forget what we were just told? I need to be reminded to "put it on the 'friger'tor" where I can be reminded of it!