Sunday, November 8, 2009

Violin Quartet Special

God gave us an amazing opportunity to encourage a couple of churches here in Oklahoma City by playing a violin quartet. Last Sunday evening, we played a hymn together at Southern Temple Baptist Church, and this Sunday, we played an arrangement at Western Hills Baptist Church. We've had so much fun practicing together and we've learned a lot about blending parts, overemphasizing dynamics, and mirroring bow movement.

Sarah Espinida played first violin, Esther Staddon played second violin, Barbara Sutton played third violin, and Sarah Waller played fourth violin. All four of us sound so good together, and God really blessed our effort and dedication. One dad came up to us after the service and said that he watched the intent faces, deep concentration, and determination, and would be sure to remind his kids later that that's what it takes to play their instruments well.

The neatest thing was how God put the service together. The speaker gave a sermon on the power of God's Holy Spirit, and then we played a special on "Abide With Me". So amazing to watch God piece the whole thing together to His honor and glory. It is so wonderful to be used by God in such a way when He could easily use someone else or do without. What a God we serve!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey all! It's been amazing being on the front lines here in Oklahoma City, watching God work! God surely is faithful to those whom He has called. I've gotten to lead a young girl to the Lord at a Bible club, and have had several good conversations talking to kids.
Please pray, as we are experiencing several Spiritual attacks. Some classes are just plain crazy, many of the team members have been/are sick, and many of us have struggled with depression and our devotional lives. The work is great, and if Satan can slow us down, he's got us. It's been a great fall semester!
The next few weeks are going to really fly, as things start to slow down and the semester ends. Our days are cram-packed with work and activities, and our team so enjoys ultimate frisbee! God will bless though, and hopefully many kids will write us over break.
Through Christ Alone,
Barbara J.
"The Lord giveth strength unto His people, the Lord blesses His people with peace." Psalm 29:11